NHS London Weighting Salary 2023/2024

NHS London Weighting Salary 2023/2024 – Complete Guide

In recognition of the formidable cost of living in the vibrant city of London, the dedicated healthcare professionals within the National Health Service (NHS) who reside in the heart of the capital are bestowed with a remarkable benefit known as the NHS London Weighting. This extraordinary initiative entails a commendable 20% augmentation to their salaries, acknowledging the unique financial challenges they face.

Similarly, those diligent NHS workers stationed just beyond the borders of London receive a praiseworthy 15% salary uplift, acknowledging the significant impact of proximity to the city. Additionally, those who serve in the periphery zone of London merit a commendable 5% increment, acknowledging the substantial contribution they make to healthcare provision in the metropolitan area.

These remuneration adjustments are based on the total salary for the 2023/2024 fiscal year, thoughtfully encompassing the recent 5% pay rise bestowed upon NHS staff as announced in March 2023. Please note that the figures provided do not incorporate deductions such as tax, pension, or national insurance, serving as a clear reflection of the significant value and recognition bestowed upon these esteemed healthcare professionals.

NHS Pay Band (PayPoint) 20%, 15% & 5% – Detailed Chart and Table

NHS Pay Band Chart
NHS Pay Band (paypoint)20% Uplift15% Uplift5% Uplift
Band 2 - 1st paypoint£25,540£24,475£22,347
Band 2 - 2nd & final paypoint£26,860£25,740£23,502
Band 3 - 1st paypoint£27,379£26,238£23,957
Band 3 - 2nd & final paypoint£29,202£27,985£25,552
Band 4 - 1st paypoint£30,175£28,918£26,403
Band 4 - 2nd & final paypoint£33,115£31,735£28,976
Band 5 - 1st paypoint£34,088£32,668£29,827
Band 5 - 2nd paypoint£36,767£35,235£32,171
Band 5 - 2nd & final paypoint£41,496£39,767£36,309
Band 6 - 1st paypoint£42,469£40,700£37,161
Band 6 - 2nd paypoint£44,820£42,953£39,218
Band 6 - 3rd & final paypoint£51,140£49,010£44,748
Band 7 - 1st paypoint£52,489£50,302£45,928
Band 7 - 2nd paypoint£55,195£52,895£48,296
Band 7 - 3rd & final paypoint£60,066£57,563£52,558
Band 8A - 1st paypoint£61,142£58,595£53,500
Band 8A - 2nd & final paypoint£68,819£65,951£60,216
Band 8B - 1st paypoint£70,766£67,818£61,921
Band 8B - 2nd & final paypoint£82,230£78,804£71,951
Band 8C - 1st paypoint£84,500£80,980£73,938
Band 8C - 2nd & final paypoint£97,364£93,308£85,194
Band 8D - 1st paypoint£100,285£96,107£87,750
Band 8D - 2nd & final paypoint£115,651£110,832£101,195
Band 9 - 1st paypoint£119,869£114,875£104,886
Band 9 - 2nd & final paypoint£137,938£132,190£120,695

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