Our website, https://paidhours.co.uk/, is specifically designed for the benefit of NHS employees.
However, it is important to note that we are an independent entity and are neither affiliated with
nor a part of the NHS or the UK Government. The primary objective of our platform is to provide
valuable information to NHS staff regarding their anticipated Net pay after the deduction of
Pension, Tax, and National Insurance contributions.

The operation of this website entails certain costs, such as hosting and editing, which are
sustained through the inclusion of a limited number of advertisements on the site. It is crucial to
emphasize that this website should never be regarded as a substitute for professional advice.

All the information provided on this site, including its contents, is intended solely for
informational purposes. When calculations are presented to estimate approximate Net pay
amounts, it is important for readers to recognize that these calculations serve as a general
guide and should be interpreted as such.

Important: Please be aware that all calculations presented on this site are approximate in
nature. It is important to note that this website is completely independent and not affiliated with
the NHS in any capacity. All information provided on this site is strictly intended for informational
purposes only.

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