Paralegal Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Legal Job Market

The role of a paralegal is indispensable within the legal profession, offering vital support to solicitors, barristers, and the court system. As we move into 2024, the salary landscape for paralegals in the UK provides a clear indication of the profession’s value.

Here’s a comprehensive look at what paralegals can expect to earn across the country.

National Average Salary

The average salary for a paralegal in the UK is approximately £24,343 annually. This figure represents a median value, suggesting that half of all paralegals earn more than this amount while the other half earns less. The range includes base pay as well as potential bonuses and additional compensation, reflecting the varying levels of experience and specialization within the field.

London Premium

In London, the salary for paralegals is notably higher, with an average annual pay of £28,712. This increase is attributed to the higher cost of living in the capital and the concentration of legal services within the city. The additional cash compensation for paralegals in London averages at £1,457, further boosting their total earnings.

Starting Salaries

Entry-level paralegals can expect to start with salaries in the range of £17,000 to £20,566, depending on their qualifications and the specific demands of their roles. This starting salary sets the stage for career progression and increased earnings as paralegals gain more experience and take on more complex tasks.

Experienced Paralegal Earnings

For paralegals with significant experience or those who have specialized in a particular area of law, salaries can reach up to £33,000 to £36,964. This reflects the high level of expertise and value experienced paralegals bring to their roles.

Regional Variations

Across the UK, paralegal salaries can vary significantly by region. Factors such as local demand for legal services, the size and type of legal practice, and regional cost of living differences all influence how much paralegals can expect to earn outside of London.


In 2024, the career of a paralegal in the UK continues to offer a promising path with competitive salaries and the opportunity for financial growth. The profession not only provides a stepping stone for those looking to advance in the legal field but also offers substantial rewards for those who choose to specialize and excel as paralegals.

Whether working in the bustling legal hubs of London or contributing to practices in other regions, paralegals play a crucial role in the functioning of the UK’s legal system, with their compensation reflecting the importance of their work.

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