HGV Driver Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Job Market

The profession of a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver is critical to maintaining the supply chain and logistics within the UK, ensuring goods and materials are delivered efficiently and safely. As of 2024, the financial compensation for HGV drivers in the UK reflects the demand and the essential nature of their role.

Here’s a detailed examination of the salary landscape for HGV drivers.

Average Salary

The average gross annual salary for an HGV Driver in the UK is £32,100, which is £2,500 higher than the UK’s national average salary. This reflects the specialized skills required and the responsibilities borne by HGV drivers.

Starting Salary

New entrants to the profession can expect an average starting salary of £21,300. This entry point provides a baseline for growth and progression within the industry.

Salary Range

The salary for HGV drivers can extend beyond £60,000, indicating the potential for substantial earnings especially for those with considerable experience, additional certifications, or those working in high-demand regions or sectors.

Additional Cash Compensation

On top of the base salary, HGV drivers can also earn additional cash compensation, averaging £1,755, with a range from £757 to £4,068. This additional pay typically comes from overtime, bonuses, and other forms of incentive pay.

London Salaries

In London, HGV drivers can expect higher earnings, with an average salary of £34,250 per year and average additional cash compensation of £1,442. The higher salary in the capital reflects the increased cost of living and the demand for logistics in a major urban center.

Salary Variation

Across the UK, the salary for HGV drivers varies not just by region but also by the class of vehicle operated and the type of goods transported. Specialized drivers, such as those with Class II certification, also report similar average earnings, indicating a standardized compensation structure across the profession.


The career of an HGV driver in the UK in 2024 offers a financially rewarding path, with competitive starting salaries and the potential for earnings growth. The profession’s significance to the UK’s economy and infrastructure is mirrored in the compensation packages offered, attracting individuals to this essential role.

Whether navigating the busy streets of London or traversing the country’s highways, HGV drivers are vital to keeping commerce moving, with their salaries reflecting the importance of their work.

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