Flight Attendant Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Market

The role of a flight attendant, while glamorous to many, encompasses a broad range of responsibilities, from ensuring passenger safety to providing customer service at 35,000 feet. As of 2024, the salary landscape for flight attendants in the UK reflects the diversity and challenges of the profession.

Here’s a detailed breakdown to provide a clearer understanding of what flight attendants can expect in terms of compensation.

Average Salary

The average salary for flight attendants stands at £20,819 annually. This range considers the base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, and commission, painting a comprehensive picture of potential earnings​​.

Salary Range

The salary for flight attendants can vary widely, from £15,000 at the starting end to £37,000 at the higher end, indicating the growth potential within the career​​.

London Premium

In London, the estimated salary for a flight attendant increases to £25,257 per year. This figure is the median, suggesting that salaries can vary significantly within this range based on experience, airline, and specific duties​​.

Starting Salary

Entry-level flight attendants can expect an average starting salary of £12,400, with the potential for growth as they gain experience and take on more responsibilities​​.

Top Salaries

For experienced flight attendants, salaries can exceed £30,000, with total compensation including salary, bonus, and other benefits reflecting the level of expertise and service provided​​.


In 2024, the career of a flight attendant in the UK offers a blend of competitive salaries and the opportunity for financial growth. While the starting salaries provide a solid foundation, there is considerable potential for earnings to increase significantly with experience, especially in high-demand areas like London. Beyond the financial rewards, the role offers unique experiences and challenges, making it a coveted position for those passionate about travel and customer service.

Whether navigating domestic flights or international journeys, flight attendants play a crucial role in the aviation industry, with their compensation reflecting the value of their work.

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