Data Scientist Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Job Market

The profession of a data scientist continues to be one of the most sought-after roles in the UK, combining expertise in statistics, machine learning, and data analysis to drive decision-making and strategic planning. As we advance into 2024, the salary landscape for data scientists across the UK presents a promising outlook for those in the field.

Here’s an insightful overview based on the latest data.

Average Salary

The average annual salary for a data scientist in the UK is £52,951. This reflects the high demand for data science skills across various industries and the significant impact these professionals have on business outcomes.

Additional Cash Compensation

Beyond the base salary, data scientists can expect an average additional cash compensation of £4,924, ranging from £2,319 to £10,458. This additional compensation includes bonuses, profit sharing, and other incentives, underscoring the value that data scientists bring to their organizations.

London Salaries

In London, the scenario is even more favorable for data scientists, with an average salary of £59,450 per year. The additional cash compensation in London averages £6,211, reflecting the city’s status as a tech and business hub and the corresponding demand for data science expertise.

Salary Range

Across the UK, data scientist salaries can vary widely, with entry-level positions starting at £42,500 per year and the most experienced workers earning up to £80,000 annually. This range indicates the growth potential within the field and the opportunity for salary advancement with experience and specialization.

Regional Variation

Salary expectations for data scientists also vary significantly across different regions in the UK, with some areas offering higher salaries based on local demand for data science skills and the cost of living.


In 2024, the career of a data scientist in the UK offers not only intellectual challenges and the opportunity to make a significant impact but also substantial financial rewards. With competitive starting salaries and the potential for considerable earnings growth, the field of data science remains an attractive choice for those with the requisite skills and ambition.

Whether working in the bustling environment of London or other regions across the UK, data scientists are recognized for their critical role in leveraging data to drive business success, with their compensation reflecting the high value placed on their expertise.

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