Data Analyst Salary Trends: Exploring Pay Expectations

In the ever-evolving field of data analysis, understanding the salary trends is crucial for both aspiring data analysts and seasoned professionals. The UK, with its dynamic job market, presents a range of opportunities for individuals skilled in data analysis. Here’s a straightforward look into the salary landscape for data analysts in the UK as of 2024, offering a clear picture for those keen on navigating this vibrant sector.

National Average

The cornerstone of our discussion is the average salary for data analysts across the UK, which is pegged at £36,279 per year. This figure comes with an average additional cash compensation of £2,444, reflecting the industry’s acknowledgment of the valuable insights these professionals bring to organizations​.

London’s Landscape

Shifting our focus to London, the financial heart of the UK, data analysts enjoy a higher average salary of £40,895 annually. The additional cash compensation in this region averages at £3,088, underscoring the city’s demand for data analysis expertise and the higher cost of living.

Starting Salaries and Potential

For those just embarking on their data analysis journey, the starting salary is an important figure. UK-wide, data analysts can expect to start at around £23,250. However, the ceiling for this role is much higher, with top earners receiving upwards of £70,000, showcasing the growth potential within this field.

Comprehensive Compensation

Beyond the base salary, data analysts often receive bonuses and profit-sharing, which can significantly boost their total compensation. This aspect highlights the role’s profitability and the tangible value data analysts add to their organizations.


In conclusion, the data analyst profession in the UK in 2024 offers a promising career path with competitive salaries and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, the field of data analysis promises not only a rewarding professional journey but also a lucrative one.

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