Cyber Security Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Market

Cyber security remains a critical and high-demand field in the UK, with salaries reflecting the importance and complexity of protecting digital assets. As we delve into the year 2024, understanding the compensation landscape for cyber security professionals is key for those in the field or considering a career in cyber security.

Here’s a detailed overview of the salary insights for cyber security roles across the UK, based on the latest data.

National Average Salary

The average salary for cyber security professionals in the UK stands at £50,418 per year, showcasing the high value placed on this expertise​​.

Additional Cash Compensation

Beyond the base salary, cyber security professionals can expect an average additional cash compensation of £6,541, with a range from £2,988 to £14,317, highlighting the potential for significant earnings beyond the base salary​​.

London Premium

In London, the average salary for cyber security roles jumps to £57,556 annually, with additional cash compensation averaging £10,826. This premium reflects London’s status as a tech and finance hub, where demand for cyber security expertise is especially high​​.

Wide Salary Range

The salary range for cyber security professionals in the UK varies widely, indicating the diversity of roles and levels of expertise within the field. From entry-level positions to highly experienced roles, salaries can range significantly based on skills, experience, and specialization.

Growing Demand

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, the demand for skilled cyber security professionals is expected to grow, further driving up salaries and compensation packages as companies invest heavily in protecting their digital infrastructure.


The cyber security profession in the UK in 2024 offers lucrative salary prospects and substantial additional compensation, reflecting the critical role these professionals play in safeguarding digital assets. With the demand for cyber security expertise on the rise, professionals in this field can expect not only competitive salaries but also opportunities for career advancement and development.

Whether you’re based in London or elsewhere in the UK, a career in cyber security promises both challenges and rewards, with salaries that underscore the value of this indispensable skill set.

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