Chartered Accountant Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Job Market

The chartered accountant profession in the UK stands out for its blend of challenge, respect, and substantial financial rewards. As 2024 unfolds, the salary landscape for chartered accountants across the UK mirrors the essential role they play in business and finance.

Here’s a comprehensive exploration of what chartered accountants can expect in terms of compensation.

Average Salary

The average salary for a chartered accountant in the UK hovers around £37,108, spanning a range from £25,000 to over £55,000. Their overall compensation package is often enhanced by bonuses and profit sharing, which can add significantly to their total earnings.

Starting Salaries and Growth Potential

For those entering the profession, starting salaries can be as low as £23,700, but there’s a substantial opportunity for growth. Experienced chartered accountants have the potential to earn upwards of £60,000, demonstrating the profession’s lucrative nature.

Regional Variations

Salaries for chartered accountants can vary greatly depending on location. For instance, in London, the average salary is significantly higher, at around £57,405, reflecting both the city’s status as a financial hub and the higher cost of living. This regional variation underscores the importance of location in determining compensation.

Comprehensive Compensation

Beyond the base salary, chartered accountants often receive additional forms of compensation, including bonuses and profit sharing. These extras can range widely, further enhancing the attractiveness of the profession from a financial standpoint.

Sector Influence and Experience

The salary range for chartered accountants also depends on factors like the sector of employment, years of experience, and level of expertise. Those working in high-demand sectors or with extensive experience tend to command higher salaries.


Chartered accountancy in the UK in 2024 remains a prestigious and financially rewarding career path. With competitive starting salaries and significant potential for salary growth, the profession is attractive for individuals seeking a challenging and prosperous career in finance and business. The salary range reflects the value of chartered accountants to the economy and their critical role in ensuring business efficiency and compliance, making it a compelling choice for career-minded professionals.

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