Bin Man Salary Ranges: What to Expect in Today’s Job Market

Refuse collectors, or bin men as they’re colloquially known, play an essential role in maintaining public cleanliness and health standards by managing waste and recyclables. As of 2024, the compensation for refuse collectors in the UK reflects the importance of this role.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what refuse collectors can expect to earn across the country.

Average Salary

The average salary for a refuse collector in the UK is £18,548 annually. This base salary varies from £16,000 to £26,000, with potential bonuses ranging from £446 to £5,000, contributing to a total pay of £17,000 to £25,000​​.

Glassdoor’s Insight

According to Glassdoor, refuse collector salaries can average £32,500 annually. Hourly rates reported include £11 and £10, indicating variance based on locality, experience, and specific duties​​.

Hourly Wage

On average, refuse collectors earn £11.43 per hour across the UK. This rate is a testament to the demanding physical nature of the job and the unsocial hours often required​​.

Comprehensive Salary Data

Another source suggests that the average refuse collector salary in the UK is £21,218 annually, ranging from £19,760 to £25,563. This data provides a broader view of the earning potential within the profession​​.

Variation Across the UK

The salary for refuse collectors can vary significantly across different regions in the UK. For example, in London, the average hourly wage is £13.17, reflecting the higher cost of living and possibly greater demand for waste collection services in the capital​​.


In 2024, refuse collectors in the UK are recognized with competitive salaries that reflect the critical and physically demanding nature of their work. From entry-level positions to more experienced roles, the profession offers financial stability and growth opportunities.

Whether working in urban centers or covering broader rural areas, refuse collectors contribute immensely to public health and environmental sustainability, with their compensation underscoring the value of their essential services.

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